Rainlendar Pro Crack 2.20.1 Build 176 Full Free

Rainlendar Pro Crack is one of the most popular and customizable desktop calendar apps available today. Unlike most calendar apps that are designed for smartphones, Rainlendar Pro Free download is a lightweight download designed specifically for Windows and Mac computers.

With its wide range of features like multiple calendar support, advanced customization options, alarms, skins, and integrations with online calendars, Rainlendar Pro Crack has become the calendar of choice for many power users who need to manage their events, tasks, and schedules efficiently.

Compared to the free version of Rainlendar, the Pro version unlocks additional advanced functionality for a one-time fee. For those seeking a centralized desktop calendar with complete control over their time-management, Rainlendar Pro is an excellent choice.

Downloading and Installing Rainlendar Pro Crack

Rainlendar Pro can be downloaded directly from our site. The latest version as of this writing is Rainlendar Pro 2.15.1.

The desktop application has a small footprint of just 1.5 MB and is available for both Windows and Mac. Supported Windows versions include 7, 8, 10 and Windows 11. For Mac, OS X 10.9 or newer is required.

Once downloaded, installing Rainlendar Pro is simple:

  1. Double click the .r2skin file to launch the installer
  2. Follow the prompts to install Rainlendar Pro on your computer
  3. Optionally choose a destination folder for the installed files
  4. Click Finish to complete the installation process

That’s all there is to it! The installation is quick and seamless. Next we’ll walk through configuring Full version crack Rainlendar Pro for first-time use.

Rainlendar Pro Crack

Setting Up and Configuring Rainlendar Pro Crack

First Run and Default Settings

When you first launch Rainlendar Pro, a Tip of the Day window will appear with useful information about customizing the calendar.

The main calendar window will launch with an example calendar titled My Calendar showing common calendar views like day, week, month, and year. You can fully customize these initial settings later.

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Interface and Menu Options

The Rainlendar Pro Download free interface contains the calendar view in the center with optional windows for events, tasks, and weather on the sides. The exact layout depends on your current skin.

Use the Settings button in the menu bar to fully customize the calendar:

  • General: Change date formats, week start day, language
  • Calendar: Add/remove/edit calendars
  • Events: Configure event settings
  • Tasks: Manage to-do lists
  • Alarm: Set reminders and notifications
  • Advanced: For expert customizations

This is also where you can import data from other calendar formats and connect online calendars.

Customizing Calendar Views

One of Rainlendar Pro’s biggest strengths is its flexibility. Every element from the calendar layout to colors, fonts, sizes, and windows can be tweaked extensively:

  • Change calendar view options like days shown and weekend display
  • Create new calendars or combine existing ones
  • Modify calendar names, descriptions, and color codes
  • Set visibility on individual calendars and events
  • Resize, reposition, or transparentize windows

This makes Rainlendar Pro ideal for complex calendar needs with many calendars integrated together in a single view.

Key Features of Rainlendar Pro

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s explore the key features that make Rainlendar Pro a top calendar app pick:

Multiple Calendar Support

Rainlendar Pro enables creating any number of separate calendars within the interface. Personal, family, work – any calendar can be integrated.

With the Pro version you can have unlimited calendars enabled simultaneously. Events and tasks can be dragged between calendars easily.

Each calendar can be color coded and toggled on/off independently. For example, toggle off work calendars on weekends for separation.

Prioritized To-Do Lists and Tasks

Rainlendar Pro not only handles calendar events, but also acts as a full featured task manager.

  • Create prioritized to-do lists with a hierarchy of tasks
  • Set due dates, start dates, progress %, and notes
  • Sort tasks in different ways – by due date, priority, completed etc.
  • Tick off completed tasks or set % finished
  • Hide completed tasks to focus on pending ones

For power users who want a unified calendar and task manager, this is a hugely beneficial feature compared to standalone calendar apps.

Fully Customizable Skins and Layouts

Rainlendar Pro comes with a number of built-in skins that control the overall interface design. But the customization extends far deeper for advanced users.

With the Shadow4 skin builder you can modify existing skins or even design your own from scratch:

  • Change calendar window positions and sizing
  • Add custom buttons, notifications, icons
  • Modify fonts, colors, and visual elements
  • Adjust event list styles and colors
  • Customize tooltip popups

You can tweak virtually every pixel of the interface so Rainlendar Pro fits your usage perfectly. No other calendar app offers this degree of control.

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Useful Alarms and Notifications

Rainlendar Pro Crack can set reminders and notifications for events and tasks through:

  • Audio alarms
  • Desktop popups
  • Windows notification bubbles
  • Email reminders (with Rainmail add-on)

The notifications can be configured in nearly any way imaginable:

  • Set default reminders or customize per calendar
  • Control when and how often reminders are triggered
  • Snooze reminders or disable for specific events
  • Set alert sounds and visual styles
  • Show past event reminders or just upcoming

Never miss an important appointment or deadline again with Rainlendar Pro!

Rainlendar Pro Compared to the Free Version

The free version of Rainlendar provides a solid basic calendar, but has limitations:

  • Only 1 enabled calendar and 100 events maximum
  • Limited configuration options
  • No task management features
  • Less customization with no shadows/fading
  • Cannot share calendars over a network
  • No email reminders or weather addons

Rainlendar Pro lifts all these restrictions for unlimited calendars, events, advanced options like email reminders and network sharing. The Pro license also unlocks the advanced customization with shadows, fading, and layers.

For individuals the Pro license is a one-time $29 purchase, very affordable given the utility provided. With continuous improvements and updates over the years, Rainlendar Pro is worth every penny for power users who need flexibility.

Tips for Using Rainlendar Pro Effectively

Here are some tips for new users to maximize productivity with Rainlendar Pro Download free:

Useful Shortcuts and Hotkeys

Learning keyboard shortcuts saves time:

  • Ctrl+N – Create new event
  • Ctrl+E – Edit selected event
  • Ctrl+T – Create new task
  • Ctrl+D – Delete selected event/task
  • Ctrl+F – Find events

Manage Multiple Calendars Seamlessly

To avoid clutter, keep different life domains like work, family, hobbies in separate calendars. Schedule time in your personal calendar too.

Use calendar groups to quickly change views – keep work calendars together to toggle them off on weekends for example.

Import Existing Data to Rainlendar Pro

When migrating from other calendar apps, import the .ics files to bring across all existing events and tasks into Rainlendar Pro. This avoids tedious manual entry.

The import wizard handles files from apps like iCal, Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.

Export Your Calendar and Tasks

If desired, all calendars and tasks created in Rainlendar Pro can also be exported to standard formats like .ics, .csv, .txt, or .xml files.

This provides a backup of your data and allows transferring the data elsewhere if needed.

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Troubleshoot Common Rainlendar Issues

Some common troubleshooting tips:

  • Reset preferences and layouts to default
  • Update to the latest Rainlendar version
  • Verify events/tasks are not read-only
  • Disable browser extensions and firewalls temporarily
  • Validate calendar files with a validator tool
Rainlendar Pro Crack


Rainlendar Pro Crack provides one of the best calendar and task management experiences available today with unparalleled flexibility. For individuals who need to wrangle complex schedules across multiple domains and integrate online calendars, Rainlendar cannot be beat.

The advanced customization options like skins, layouts, and blending make Rainlendar Pro unique compared to web-based calendars and mobile apps. For a one-time price, the productivity boost is well worth it!


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